About us

Simultanea, the new way to communicate. rise up. discover.

Who we are

Over the course of 38 years in business, SIMULTANEA has built a solid relationship with its many high-profile clients, based on mutual respect and esteem, as well as with its numerous collaborators, all highly qualified, experienced professionals.

SIMULTANEA, dynamic and efficient to a fault,  can provide quality service even under severe time constraints, as is often the case due to the urgency of the client’s needs. SIMULTANEA’s strategy is designed to create solid relationship with loyal clients over time and add to its list by attracting new ones in Italy and abroad.

Professionalism, punctuality, collaboration, flexibility and, most of all, transparency  are some of the key characteristics that have allowed the company to achieve its targeted objectives for 34 years, overcoming the obstacles that have arisen and transforming itself to meet the market’s changing needs.

Our Story