Chuchotage (Whispering)

Chuchotage (Whispering)

From the French word for whispering, chuchoter, this is a variant of simultaneous interpreting: the interpreter stands or sits next to the listener(s), translating simultaneously in a low voice.

SIMULTANEA Sas  was the Linguistic Partner for the simultaneous translation of the Institutional Conferences  at IAB FORUM  2018 “I AM EVERYWHERE – Challenges of Mobile Society”,on 12th and 13th November 2018 in Milan

Servizio di Chuchotage (Whispering) a Milano

What is chuchotage (whispering)?

This type of translation can be accomplished without any technological assistance (unlike simultaneous), but can only be employed when the listeners are few in number (generally not more than two or three). Moreover, because of the effort of whispering the translation, keeping one’s voice artificially low, often in a situation where the acoustics are less than perfect, an interpreter can only translate in chuchotage mode for relatively brief periods.