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Humanitarian Diplomacy, Italian Red Cross- Rome

Dear Manuela, as I am responsible for RDA, I will provide the feedback, and very positive feedback it is.
The interpreter was quite professional and very helpful. She was able to perfectly translate the needs of the participants at the round table and her use of the technical terms pertaining to the subject matter discussed was impeccable. I can only express my gratitude – to her and to you – for the service provided.

Aref International Onlus

My most sincere thanks to your team, not only for the courtesy and helpfulness I was shown by all of you from the very start, but also for the professionalism with which your interpreter conducted the meeting, with knowledge of the topic and unflagging attention. I will be pleased to contact you for any future needs and will be happy to pass your contact info on to anyone who asks. Cordially

A.C. Edizioni Condè Nast Spa

Hi Manuela, everything went off perfectly, thanks so much! 'Til next time

F.B. Project Manager PRODEA Group S.p.A.

The event went very well and  the client is very happy. My compliments also to the interpreter. Thank you!

Municipality of Alessandria - Directly-managed Complex and European Projects

Good morning Ms. Ravetta, I write you to express my thanks for the IMPECCABLE service provided. My most sincere compliments, on the part of this Administration and the international delegation of the SALUTE4CE project, for your professionalism and quality of performance. Our sincere thanks to both the interpreter (who expertly translated the questions from the audience, in addition to the speakers’ presentations) and your technician, who was able to interface with his colleague seamlessly. Well done indeed.

V.M. Kyiv Ukraine

Dear Manuela, Your service was simply outstanding, we are very much satisfied . THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HARD WORK!!!! It’s very much appreciated and I hope we will have more opportunities to work together in the future!

World Friends Italia Onlus

Dear Manuela, let me take this opportunity to thank you for the precision and punctuality of your service. I followed the interpreter closely during the event and found her excellent. We shall be glad to contact you in the future, should we need the services of an interpreter again. Kind regards

Department of International–CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE degli ARCHITETTI, P.P.C.

How very nice of you Manuela. You deserve every consideration for the professionalism you always bring to the table. You need thank no one but yourselves.

Laboratori Eurofins Genoma Group

I’d like to thank you for the excellent job and for the timeliness of deliveries. Cordial greetings

Deutsche Bank AG CIB – Corporate Finance

I would like to thank you all for your patience and most of all  for your professionalism. Without your infinite availability we wouldn’t have succeded. I look forward to our next collaboration. Thank you again

Sarah A. UGent Blegium

Ciao Manuela, the event went really well, thank you! The translation, interpretation, tear down of the booths all went very smoothly and flawlessly! I’m really glad we could hire your services, it was fantastic! Kind regards.

Anja S. Producer, WAVE - Aalst Belgium

Dear all, thank you for the “hard labor”! You all did a great job. Kind greetings.

President ASD SKI TEAM

Thank you, the interpreter was excellent indeed, despite the many different accents. The technician was top notch too. I really must congratulate you!

F.R. Segretary General- Unipalma - Colombia

Good evening Manuela, everything went flawlessly. The two foreign guests congratulated me on the outstanding translation. Thanks a lot

Commercial Director, Lightning Sector - Piacenza

Congratulations, as always, on your interpreting service.

BMI - Assistant Managing Director Italy, Spain & Portugal

Our guests were quite satisfied. The interpreters were excellent. My compliments. 

Mrs. Morozzo - Ottod'Ame Florence

Hi Manuela, the interpreter was excellent, nice, polite and obviously very professional. Thanks again!

ETM Services Srl Economia - Territorio - Turismo - Management Quart (AO)

Good morning, this to thank you for the excellent translation service provided today in a very fluid situation. We congratulate you on your professionalism. Best regards

Mrs Océane U. - Centre for the Social Study of Migration and Refugees - Ghent University (Belgium)

Dear Manuela, I was very happy to work with your team (in Palermo). The technicians were very good and efficient in setting up the translation system. The interpreter was nice and on time for the event. I also strongly appreciated your involvement in the whole process and your efficiency despite the little adjustments we had to do at the last minute with the venue, so thank you again! Looking forward to working with you in Italy. Best regards

Ms. Maiquez – Girona - Spain

Buongiorno Manuela!! Ha ido muy bien con la traductora. Muchas gracias!

Quintessentially - London

Good morning Manuela, thanks so much! […] It was great to have your team onsite - the 2 translators did a fantastic job! [...] Thank you so much for your service! I was really happy about the result and will definitely recommend you for future events in Milan. My best!

Condè Nast International - London

Hi Marco, the shoot went really well, thank you for your services!

Mrs. Valentina Re, Event Production Specialist-Interactive Advertising Bureau Italia - Milan

Good morning Manuela, I am finally getting back to you with a bit of feedback from the last IAB Forum, sorry it took so long! We were fully satisfied with the service you provided, and the replies to the survey we sent to the participants showed an extremely high degree of satisfaction. So I thank you sincerely, on behalf of the entire staff of IAB Italia, for the service and professional performance.

Mrs. Orietta Ferrari, Office Manager – Bonelli Erede Pappalardo Studio Legale, Milan

The interpreters were very helpful and excellent at their job [...]. We'll certainly be turning to you the next time we need  support. Thanks again for the excellent service. Best regards

Mrs. Valentina Rebuffo – Event Manager, New Erredi Srl –Turin

You were super professional, both before and during the event. Thanks a million, you'll be my point of reference in Milan from now on. You'll be hearing from me soon

Mrs. Marlene Farina, Area Comunicazione, Comunità Nuova Cooperativa Sociale - Milan

Manuela, let me pass on the client's feedback: great translation, all the nuances expressed by the coach were rendered perfectly, and that was the central and most important part of the meeting. Nice work! Thank you

Mrs. Beate Neumann Vice Director of Goethe-Institut Mailand

Dear Manuela, I wish to thank you for the professionalism with which you translated the descriptive cards. The service was excellent, both in terms of quality and consignment times. And your efforts contribuited to the success of the inaugural event for the 60 years, 60 voices book fair. Best regards

Dott. Giosuè Cavallaro Marketing Manager - SEW-EURODRIVE - Solaro (MI)

Dear Ms. Ravetta, our feedback was decidedly positive, both for the job done by the German interpreter and for the simplicity and efficacy of the equipment used. I am certain that, after this experience, we will rely on you again for services of this kind.

Mrs. Silvia Rusconi Segretario generale - ICMQ - Milan

It's difficult to adequately express how saisfied I was with the service you provided! The interpreter was excellent, despite the short time and scarce material available. Her efforts were also much appreciated by those who benefitted from them directly.

Mr. Alessandro Ferrari Payroll Administrator Sibelco Italia S.p.A. Robilante (CN)

The translation was excellent. Thank you for your collaboration!  Until next time.

Mrs Arianna Chigorno Project Leader, Divisione Congressi, Delphi International Srl - Ferrara

I thank you for the successful  cooperation. The interpreters  proved to be very professional,well  prepared and collaborative. There will certainly be future and new occasions. Cordial greetings

Mrs. Rossella Novarini, Il Ponte Casa d'Aste - Milano

Heartfelt thanks Manuela! The interpreter was excellent!!! Very professional and very passionate. We'll bear her in mind in the future when we have important and challenging auctions

Katharina von Sohlern, USEEDS° GmbH – Berlin, Germany

Dear Marco, we were very happy with the interpreter’s services, she did a great job. Looking forward to collaborating in the future. Kind regards

Mrs. D. Traldi - CB Personal Assistant -

Your service proved excellent, both in our opinion and that of our Korean client. We thank you sincerely for your collaboration and for having located an interpreter in such a short time. Should we have occasion to use this kind of service in the future, we will certainly contact you.

Mr Matthew Ralph - Global Marketing Executive - ADEY Innovation Limited - UK

Myself and the team were very impressed with the interpreter and she did a fantastic job. She was very professional and willing to help. It was  great to have her at our stand (at MCE 2018) as it was very useful to have her help with translation for the Italian guests. Her proactive and friendly attitude was greatly appreciated. I would happily use her services again if we have any future events in Milan and would also gladly recommend her to others. Thanks

Dr. A. Martini President Milano AutoClassica Event Organiser EMAC S.r.l.

Good morning Mrs Ravetta, the service was excellent, the interpreter was precise, experienced and very collaborative. Thank you!

Mrs. A. Severi - Events Manager - SANA Srl, Milano (Consorzio Milano Ricerche)

Dear Manuela, everything went well, thank you. I managed to give the interpreters copies of the presentations in the morning, before the speakers' talks, and they were very adept, considering the little time they had available before the translations. I hope to be in touch soon about another job and meanwhile extend my best regards.

Chiara Brusoni - Quality & Regulatory Affairs Manager AESCULAPIUS Farmacutici Brescia

Dear Mrs Manuela we are very  satisfied with your Italian/Russian interpretation  service. Thank you and best regards

Mr. G. Firera - Istituto Galton - Milan - Rome

Good morning Mrs Ravetta, we were quite satisfied with your service at the Conference. Our guests also remarked on the competence of your interpreters. Thank you and Best Regards.

Blandine Cleyet-Merle - Apax Partners, Paris - France

Feedback is very good: both translators were very professional, skilled and organized. They made the whole process very easy. Best

Silvia Doccini, Marketing & Web Support, Flashpoint Srl - Pisa

Good morning Dr. Ravetta, I thank you sincerely for the service you provided for us, and I can confirm that everything went very well, both in technical terms and with the distribution of the headsets. We were quite satisfied with your services because you were fast, precise and extremely cooperative. We look forward to working with you again in the future

Mrs. Florentina Anghel, Director of Anghel International Management

in collaboration with  Phrenos SPRL, Bruxelles for the Climate Innovation Summit 2017, Milan

Good morning Manuela, thank you for the excellent job done, everyone's feedback was very positive. I hope we’ll have the opportunity to work together again in the future. Have a nice day and thanks again

Mrs. S. Lovecchio, Executive Assistant – AUCHAN RETAIL ITALIA- Rozzano, Milan

The feedback I received was very positive. Thank You.

Mr. Maurizio Marani - Global Trading Bureau Srl - Milano

I should advise you that […] for the conference  the decision to put the entire thing in your hands was a great success: the client was very satisfied and communicated his intention to entrust the upcoming events to us as well.

Mr. Petr Votoupal- European Committee of the Regions, Brussels

Dear Manuela, indeed, the assessment was positive. Participants I had the chance to talk and ask them for comments were happy with the interpretation. As I was listening to the presentations and speeches in English and I am dealing with topics discussed, I can only confirm that the interpretation job was of a very high quality. Best regards and thanks for the job!

Susanna Graziano, International Relations Manager, Camplus, Torino

Good morning, I would like to thank you on behalf of Camplus for the excellent translation service. The event was of great importance to us.Thanks to your two interpreters and the technician, we were able to convey key concepts in both languages. It was the first time for us. The participants and our personnel in loco expressed great regard for the work you did. I thank you for your precious collaboration. We shall not hesistate to contact you in the future, whenever the need arises.

Mrs Elena Forin IKS Srl – Padova

It is my great pleasure to confirm that everything went very well. There is no doubt that if we need translating/interpreting services in the MIlan area in the future, we shall not hesitate to contact you again. Thanks again for your collaboration.

Silvia Schöning - IACDE Association Manager – Überlingen , Germany

Dear Manuela, [...] the interpreters did a great job and received a big applause during the convention! Thank you and all the best!

Stefania Migliore - Assistant Communications Marketing Europe - PETRONAS LUBRICANTS ITALY S.p.A.

Hi Manuela, thanks a lot for your collaboration in finding an interpreter in Farsi, in such a short time. As I'm certain he has already told you, everything went smoothly with him, he was very professional and pleasant to work with. Grazie!

Mrs Bonaria Pavan, Import - Export Office, DANITECH Srl DYEING & FINISHING MACHINERY - 20030 SENAGO-MILAN, ITALY

Dear Manuela, I would like to thank you for the assistance and collaboration you provided. You were very fast in translating our instruction manuals in Polish, and the Russian/Italian interpreter you sent us for a negotiation that was very important to our company was quite professional, helpful and, above all, really good at her job. You will certainly be hearing from us again in the future.