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Stefania Migliore - Assistant Communications Marketing Europe - PETRONAS LUBRICANTS ITALY S.p.A.

Hi Manuela, thanks a lot for your collaboration in finding an interpreter in Farsi, in such a short time. As I'm certain he has already told you, everything went smoothly with him, he was very professional and pleasant to work with. Grazie!

Mrs Bonaria Pavan, Import - Export Office, DANITECH Srl DYEING & FINISHING MACHINERY - 20030 SENAGO-MILAN, ITALY

Dear Manuela, I would like to thank you for the assistance and collaboration you provided. You were very fast in translating our instruction manuals in Polish, and the Russian/Italian interpreter you sent us for a negotiation that was very important to our company was quite professional, helpful and, above all, really good at her job. You will certainly be hearing from us again in the future.

Mr. Roberto Pertile, Judge of the Tribunale di Milano, CQFD Representative

Also on behalf of the Delegation of Justice Coopération Internationale – Groupement d'Intérêt Public (Paris, France), I express my sincere appreciation for the translation services the interpreters you sent us rendered. In addition to their technical and professional expertise, we very much appreciated their kindness and cooperation.

Giulia Bell, Office Manager, Lombard Odier (Europe) S.A., Milano

I re-read the translation you sent us carefully and it’s perfect. Thank you very much. Kind regards

Johann Heißinger - NOVOMATIC GAMING INDUSTRIES GmbH –Gumpoldskirchen, Austria

Dear Manuela, the support from the interpreter and from you was really great. Thanks a lot for this.

E. Folco Health Science Department Marketing Manager GIELLEPI S.p.A. Lissone (MB)

Dear friends, I must thank you for today's first-class service. From the technical assistant, precise and sure, to the two excellent interpreters. Our guests complimented us and I feel duty-bound to pass this on to you. I thank you again and extend my cordial regards.

Davide Visentin - Marketing Manager Cegos Italia MilanoFiori Assago (MI)

Good morning Manuela, I'd say everything went quite well.

I've had only positive feedback, both from some colleagues who took advantage of the translation and from the foreign guests, who relied on it for 4 entire hours! …Thanks a lot!

Andre De Franca Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

You're the best!

Dr. Orietta Calcinoni – CPO Teatro alla Scala ENT/ Phoniatrician Service - Milano

SIMULTANEA team carried out an ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL and very much appreciated translation. The foreign speakers and participants UNANIMOUSLY pointed out the accuracy and clarity of the translation (and the subject and terms were certainly not of common usage...). You have no idea how  worried I was about the simultaneous translation...

Rupa Lal - Club Operations Manager GRI Club, Global Real Estate Institute - London UK

Dear Manuela, thank you very much indeed for your services once again. Very well executed in terms of the planning. Many thanks.

Valentina Calogero – PA to the Corporate Director – F.C. Internazionale Milano S.p.A.

Dear Manuela, I have to thank you sincerely for the professionalism and dedication you showed in making sure the service provided was perfect. Thank you! See you soon…

Claudia Casiraghi – Amministratore - Casiraghi Colour Cards Srl

Good morning, yesterday we had a meeting with the potential clients from Germany. I want to thank you for your collaboration, I believe our company made an excellent impression and I hope having an interpreter in their native language helped to make them more comfortable. The interpreter did a superlative job: a true professional and very cooperative. At a difficult juncture such as this in Italy... I hope our efforts will be rewarded. I hope … to work with you again

P. Capelli - - Erba (CO)

We would like to express our satisfaction for the service provided and thank you for your considerate collaboration.
Have a great day and thank you

Alice Clerici Divisione Congressi - Delphi International Srl - Ferrara

The event went quite well: my thanks to your interpreters, who were competent, courteous and very professional.

Dott. R. Piciucchi RP Sas - Roma

Thank you, the interpreter was very good and professional.

Mr. Jack Jiang - Foundation Of Europe Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention -米兰分部 Milan Branch

Congratulations on your professional job, we’re looking forward to future cooperation.

Domenico Iannotta - Azienda Servizi alla Persona Golgi Redaelli, Milano

Regarding the service you provided on September 17th, for the conference on Alzheimer's at the Convento Annunciata, the Director of our Institute, Dr. Adriano BENZONI, had this to say: "We were completely satisfied with both the simultaneous translation service and the audio quality in the hall." Best regards

Dott. Paolo Parri – Studio Paolo Parri, Florence

Buongiorno Signora Ravetta, Buongiorno Marco,
I would like to thank you for the translating  service you provided for us at the Hotel Marriot for the event our Studio produced there on September 18-19. Your interpreters did a great job! Everything went smoothly. Thanks again.Our thanks also to the technical team and the interpreters: very professional, helpful and pleasant to work with. They were a great help to us and we hope to work together with you again in the future. Buon lavoro to everyone!

Avv. F. Cau – Studio Legale CAU - Rome

Dear Ms. Ravetta, I must say that the service you provided was impeccable. Thank you so much for having assisted me with such exemplary professionalism.  Best regards

Norine Perrin Sr Specialist, EMEA Training and Development Alexion Pharma GmbH

Ciao Manuela! Thanks for the good news!  I’m so glad that everything worked out well and will definitely keep you in mind if I need to organize simultaneous translation again in Italy.

Dr. Jennifer Salahub IDRC - CRDI - Ottawa (Canada)

Dear Manuela, not only is the quality of the translation excellent and your colleagues the picture of professionalism, but they are also lovely people and we have been enjoying their company at mealtimes. In short, we are delighted with the service. Thank you again! Jennifer

Mr.Matthias H. - MOBOTIX AG Germany

Hi Manuela, I'm 100% satisfied (with the simultaneous interpretation and equipment hire during the presentation of new projects + workshop). Thanks a lot

SODEXO EWC - Vanda Bernardini- Membro Bureau – Italy -Direzione Regionale Scuole Nord Ovest

The EWC conference call of 11 April (yesterday) went as smoothly as could be hoped for - clear and exhaustive - and your interpreter was efficient and professional. Many thanks to everyone for the kind collaboration and support.

A. E.F. Bradi - Member Service Manager Europe South & Turkey - Hapimag AG Baar Schweiz

Excellent job turned in by your German intepreter, very pleased, thanks again! We'll be in touch... now that I know I can rely on you for this task and in case my colleagues need your services, I'll be glad to refer them to you.

Mr Roberto Foiadelli - Chairman of the Board, SPII Spa

Hi Manuela! You have again shown that your company is both flexile and highly competent: you have a right to be proud! In my name and in Paola's (she has been our Managing Director since last July), I thank you for the special consideration you reserved us. Have a great weekend!

Mrs Marina Franzi - PMQ Srl

We were quite satisfied with the job your interpreter did for us in Amsterdam. Thank you and best regards.

Dott. Alberto Muggeo - Account Executive Intern at FleishmanHillard

Ciao Manuela! (At the Global Energy Prize Summit 2015)  the feedback from us is definitely positive: everything went smoothly in terms of technical systems and logistics, and our colleagues from FH Russia were likewise satisfied. I think everything went well in general: the speakers were satisfied and the moderator was very skilled. And having a full hall was also a success. Thanks ever so much for the excellent job done by you and your colleagues at Simultanea. Good-bye till next time!

Dott. Alberto Tosca, Ricercatore/Sperimentatore, Fondazione MINOPRIO

Dear Ms. Ravetta, thank you for the impeccable service you provided: The translators were excellent and were praised by many; all the foreign guests have explicitly asked me to send you their compliments on the quality of the translation. The service provided by Sara and her colleague was just great, very professional and attentive, which ensured we did not lose even a single headset, and they were able to manage us all.
The technical service, too, was excellent, competent and rapid. I look forward to working with you on future initiatives and please convey our satisfaction to your team and to the technical service. Kind regards.

E. Chiurlo - E.R.S.A.F. Struttura Promozione e risorse agricolo-rurali P.O. Promozione dell'agroalimentare

I’m pleased to inform You that both  the foreign speakers and the Italian public have appreciated your staff’s interpretation. Kind regards.

Public Affairs Office NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy

Dear Ms. Ravetta, the entire Command extends its compliments to you and your staff for the professional quality of the service provided. I take this opportunity to guarantee our complete collaboration for other, we hope numerous, occasions. Regards from the entire staff of the Public Affairs Office of the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy.

Deborah Pozzessere - Communication Dept Europe PETRONAS Lubricants International

Dear Ms. Ravetta, I write to notify you of our very positive response to your services for both of the events you handled for us. Specifically, I personally reviewed the simultaneous interpreting during our in-house event, at our premises, and I can thus confirm that the company management was quite satisfied and that we will be contacting you in the future whenever the need arises. Cordially.

Dr Dominique Barjolle -Directrice suppléante Habilitée à diriger les recherches en économie Institut de recherche de l¹agriculture biologique FiBL- Frick, Suisse

Dear Marco and Manuela, The service (at Swiss Pavillion-Expo)  was excellent. Interpreters were on time, they have rendered excellent services in good quality and timing. I have really got only good feedbacks from the participants. I really thank you very much for all the good job, and am looking for collaborating next time with you again. Kind regards.

D.Tapella - Segreteria Direzione Risorse Umane e Comunicazione Interna - BTICINO

Thank You again for Your professional assistance and enjoy your holiday.

I.Ouillon - Ministère de l'Agriculture, de l'Agroalimentaire et de la Forêt

Bonjour Manuela, We are totally satisfied with your services: the technicians and Marco were efficient and friendly, very "on top of it", and we really appreciated their help (passing out the headsets, etc.). The simultaneous interpreters were very good, too! Thanks again for the work done and the flexibility shown. I will not fail to pass on my excellent opinion to the rest of the staff at the French Pavilion - in Expo Milano 2015.

Monica - Export Sales - Patentverwag Italia S.r.l.

Good morning,  we were very pleased about the speed with which you replied and the service in general.

S. Bortone - Analyst - Venice Shipping and Logistics S.p.A. - Investment & Advisory

Dear Mrs. Ravetta, I would like to compliment you on a job well done. Considering the urgency and the complexity of the topic, the interpreter was truly excellent.We will certainly keep you in mind for future collaborations, thanks a million!

C.Wang - IECC

Dear Ms. Ravetta, Thank you so much for your kind attention. I am very pleased and grateful for the competence and accessibility displayed by the technicians and everyone on the staff. I thank you once again for your enthusiastic collaboration and hope that we will work together again in the future!

We for You srl - Dr.ssa Daniela Lorenzini

Dear friends, now that the event has come to a successful close, I express my sincere thanks to Everyone for their constant and unstinting efforts.The general level of competence and professionalism, the fast replies to the innumerable mails I sent, the unfailing support I received in solving any problem that arose and the respect and politness with which both I and the guests were treated contributed in no small way to the uncontestable success of the event. Have a good summer, and see you next time!

Ingrid Casado Màrqueting i Promoció - Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona

Hi Manuela, Everything was perfect! You have very good and nice workers. The service was excellent. Thanks for everything and I hope to keep in touch soon for another event in Milano. Best regards.

I. Carfì Assistant Account Executive - FleishmanHillard

Dear Manuela, the client was satisfied with the outcome of the event, and so were we.Thanks again for your collaboration, especially for the interview, and for your professionalism and availability. It will be a pleasure to work with you again, when the next opportunity arises! Looking forward to it. Cordially.

M. Bossi - AILOG, Associazione Italiana di Logistica e di Supply Chain Management

Good morning All, we received very positive feedback for the service of simultaneous translation during Eurolog2015. Thank You, best regards.

D. Traggiai - Coop Consorzio Nordovest

Good evening Manuela, everything went well with the simultaneous translation in German, better than anyone had thought possible, actually. A very positive experience, even with the technical expressions we thought might cause problems. You'll certainly be hearing from us again in the future.

Geom.D.Casali - SERCOS Servizi Costruzioni S.p.A.

The interpreter exhibited professionalism and aplomb. The participants in the meeting (10, of whom 9 English) complimented him on his work. Should the occasion arise in the future, we will contact you, and if possible avail ourselves of his services again.

S.Magurno - Communication Director MM Spa

Everything went very smoothly once again. First, your technician provided expert and invisible support, collaborating so effectively that the location technician (at the Municipal Aquarium) was full of praise. The interpreters (simultaneous) were also excellent, according to the reports by the Belgian and Senegalese ladies. The hostesses were very pleasant and professional.

Roberto Zanta - ZANTA Pianoforti

Dear Ms. Ravetta, we were quite satisfied with the competence and professionalism of your interpreter. We will almost certainly be in Milan again for a show in September, and we would be very pleased to count on the services of the same interpreter, if possible.

Elena Parise PR & Communication

Good morning Manuela, it was a pleasure to work with Simultanea. Expert interpreter, ditto for the technicians. Abramo M. wants to have you work with him in NY, just to give you an idea.

M. Hammel Germany

Dear Manuela,I´ve received very good feedback about the quality of interpreting. That is very nice to hear again!

F. Pavesi

I confirm that the job was done excellently.

S. Mambretti

I can only praise the performance of your collaborators, all of whom were highly professional, well prepared and skilled in communication. What else can I say but… my compliments to you all!

F. Pivetti

Thank you for the excellent service yesterday, it all went well and we were very pleased.