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F. Ciaccia

Perfect job, thanks! You are real professionals!

A. Balestri

Very positive evaluation of the simultaneous translation service provided at the conference.


Terrific translation… just what we had in mind.

A. Dal Brun

And this to say that we were fully satisfied with the interpreter’s performance and that the conference went smoothly and without a hitch.


Dear Manuela - your interpreter and I managed fine between us and it was good to see him again. All the best.

Gabriella G.

My compliments to the translator! The texts are perfect. Thanks a million and have a nice day.

Francesco C.

Thanks Manuela, you guys never disappoint! Thank you again!

S. Ramponi

Dear Manuela, as I told your collaborators last night, everything went very well and we were quite satisfied with the personnel and the service you provided. I thank you for the support you provided and hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.

Sergio S.

Dear Manuela, thank you so much for your efficiency (a rare quality)!

V. Vezzoli

Your service was impeccable, we’re pleased to have you as new suppliers. You’ll definitely be hearing from us for other jobs in the future!

G. Calefato

I confirm that we were pleased with the excellent job done by the translator: punctual, helpful and very professional. Excellent language skills. Thanks again.

R. & C. Mazzei

The telephone interpreting service you have provided us with so far has been impeccable, and it is no accident that I contacted you again as soon as we needed to. I hope to use it again in the future, and not to explain to my clients why shipment has been delayed.

S. Nidasio

I thank you again for your usual punctuality.

G. Redaelli

Thanks again for the excellent collaboration.


Good evening everyone. Today I submitted our bid for the tender in Tunis. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me (often beyond the call of duty) finish this job (for now), which turned out to require an immense amount of work. I don’t know how it will go, I hope well, of course, but there is no doubt that submitting our first project in a new country and a new language was very instructive and, in a way, believe it or not, even fun. Thanks to everyone, even those I have inevitably left out.

G. Solinas

All told I am very pleased with the service. I received positive feedback on the hostesses at the stand, the simultaneous translation and the power point translation as well. There was a little bottleneck at the start, when we had to pass out 500 headsets, but nothing out of the ordinary under the circumstances.

A. Pretto

The whispered translation was excellent.

A. Cesca

Our feedback is positive, and most of all I would like to underscore the usefulness of having a “team leader” to coordinate the interpreters and serve as a point of reference for us for our various needs. We also thank the interpreters for their helpfulness and their adaptability to an “elastic” agenda, which was modified as we went along.

Alessandro C.

In terms of punctuality, helpfulness and behavior, very well, like last time.


The incoming went well and we thank you for the service rendered by your interpreters, who were very professional and handled the task as needed.

C. Robertsson

Your Chinese interpreter was very good and highly professional.

Camilla P.

Excellent service, I’d say: the topic wasn’t easy, but the interpreters handled it perfectly.

Fiorenza M.

Hello, everything went well, although the work was rather intense. Thanks to your translators, who were valid professionals, as always!

T. Carè

The translation service -simultaneous in Chinese- went quite well, thanks again for your help.

P. Lunt

Dear Manuela, everything went very well yesterday. The translation worked great and Rossano was very helpful. He gave us all the time we needed and it was a pleasure to work with him.

A. Lizenberg

Good morning Manuela, I write this to thank you on behalf of our company for the translation service provided by your interpreter, who was fully up to the task assigned, as we expected. I would like to underscore, above all, the interpreter’s neutrality, essential in this case, since our business partner tried repeatedly to steer the negotiations in his favor. You will be hearing from us again when we come to Italy in the future.

E. Vinogradova

Thank you for reviewing the translation, it was very helpful for me in view of future translations, and also very important for our company, because the promotional material realized for a foreign country must be checked by highly qualified native speakers of that country. Your translator was very considerate and answered my mails promptly despite the two hour time difference with Italy. Thanks to everyone for your help! You’ll definitely be hearing from us if we need any reviews in Italian in the future.


Good morning and thanks a million for the translation services in Milan last week. I checked with a colleague who speaks Italian, and she confirmed the high quality of the service in every sense, which we are obviously quite pleased with. Thank you! We’ll be in touch once again as soon as we start planning next year’s partners’ conference.

P. Kouhi

My compliments on the quality of your translations and on always delivering promptly. It’s a pleasure to work with you!

G. Crinelli - Event Department

Your interpreter was highly professional and helpful during the event. Although the subject was extremely technical, the interpreter’s skill was underscored by the numerous compliments we received from event participants and the English-language speakers whose presentations were translated. Everyone was quite satisfied.

Valeria M.

Dear Mrs. Ravetta, I’ve had the chance of talking to our foreign guests about the translation of your interpreter and I can assure you that we have received a very positive feedback. Unfortunately, sometimes the speakers were not very clear during their speeches, and the topic of the meeting (laws and decrees concerning cinema and audiovisual) was extremely complicated. Despite these difficulties, the interpreter did a great job. The French delegation was satisfied with the service and praised the professionalism of the interpreter. I thank you very much and I hope to collaborate again with Your company soon.

Andrea P.

Thank you Manuela, the translation seems perfect to me, as always. Thank you again.

F. Antinori

Thank you so much! You were extremely nice and incredibly quick!

Alexander A. - CEO

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the interpreter who followed us this week on Monday and Tuesday: his skills were even higher than we expected. Thank you, regards.

S. Salazzari

I wanted to thank you for the excellent support provided at our meeting.

Roberta D.P.

The girls were very nice; I didn’t have a chance to thank them myself: please do it for me.

Michela B.

Good morning Manuela, the Chinese interpreter was great. As soon as we need other translations we will surely ask for him. Thank you very much.

S. Miola

Good morning, I would like to thank you immensely and to congratulate you, on behalf of all my colleagues at P… Italia who requested Your service, on the excellent job turned in by the interpreters last week. We were all extremely impressed by the professionalism, the preparation and flexibility of the interpreters, as well as by the quality of the translation, which was vital for us. Even our English native speaker colleague was positively surprised by the quality and by their excellent pronunciation.

C. Riboldi

Good morning Manuela, our feedback cannot be but positive. You managed to make the interpreter arrive at our premises in no time. He was highly professional and handled the job deftly despite the minimal amount of time he had to prepare for the event.

Federica P.

We thank you for the service. Everything went quite smoothly and the client was satisfied with the quality of the translation. Thank you very much.

N. Sada

The interpreter tackled this new experience with a proactive attitude, and the result was a very well done and professional job. Despite the initial difficulties of the focus group, mainly due to the fact that everyone was talking at the same time, she kept translating properly for all of the six hours agreed. It will be an absolute pleasure working with her on other projects as well.

A. Costa

Good morning Manuela, this collaboration pleases us as well because, to us, you are synonym of “quality”… I thank you once again for your priceless collaboration and kindness and extend my best regards.

Pierangelo B.

Allow me to compliment you for the skill shown by your Russian interpreter during today’s phone call. I would also like to take this opportunity confirm our interest in establishing a business relationship with your company.

Martina M.

You were quick, precise and thoroughly professional… and it was also very convenient to work remotely!

Sarina B.

Dear Simultanea Team, thank you very much for the excellent service! It was a pleasure working with you.

Milan Council Of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists

Our President confirmed that the consecutive and whispered translation service provided on the 2nd December was absolutely ”Excellent!”.


Once again, I pass on the compliments of our station management: when the occasion repeats itself we’ll be more than pleased to collaborate with you again.

Nunzia R.

Great support! Excellent quality, fast response time, alert and helpful staff.